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What is Rope Access

Rope Access is a safe way of reaching a workplace. It could be an alternative for scaffolds and manbaskets. Difficult to reach places are accessed by rappelling/climbing techniques. Rope access is a safe and legal way and therefore complements other access methods like mentioned above.

The essence of rope access is a temporary system of ropes. The rope access technician is attached by a minimum of two points of attachment, a working line and a back up line. Each rope access technician must be trained properly in working on ropes safely. During this course rescue techniques are one of the most important ingredients.

Each rope access technician is trained in the IRATA system and assessed independently. The IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) system is worldwide known as the best trademark for working in ropes.
IRATA rules and guidelines comply with the European ‘Working at Height’ rules. Rope access is a safe and very efficient alternative to traditional ways of access like scaffolds, cranes, ladders and working platforms. 


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